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TikTok is a video-based, social media app. It has been a huge success since its release and has influenced the way billions of users communicate on and offline. According to an article published by Triton Commerce, the app was downloaded by 1 billion people in its first year.

The brand quickly turned into the lead social media platform dedicated to short videos and has managed to get the attention of big businesses all over the world, who have decided to advertise on the app and have seen amazing results.

Why should you start using Tiktok Ads?

TikTok has become a content and marketing beast in the last few years. The app holds great power in today’s culture, especially when it comes to sound and music. Currently, brands have learned how to take good advantage of it to increase brand awareness, loyalty, and even conversions.

According to Tiktok for business, 92% of their users take action after watching a video. This means that chances are that, if your business starts using Tiktok Ads, you will see results.

Are you ready to start advertising on Tiktok? At SC Digital, our digital marketing agency located in New Hampshire, we’re all set to start working with you and provide the best results through social media marketing and Tiktok Ads.

The impact that TikTok holds

TikTok is famous for its trends, which have influenced the way people communicate and how they react to social media. And TikTok users tend to be very active participants, which makes it a great platform to create interaction and engagement.

On the other hand, reaching wider audiences is highly achievable on Tiktok. The platform has a fantastic algorithm that targets the content to users with similar or compatible interests to your business, to a great extent.

This means that you will not only be improving your brand awareness but will also be seen and receive interaction from people who can genuinely connect with your brand.

How can a Tiktok marketing agency help your business?

There are plenty of ways to advertise on TikTok, and you can set different goals you want to achieve. Here are some of the results you can expect:

Increase brand awareness

Since Tiktok is targeted to wide audiences and videos can be found both as advertising and organically on the “For You Page”, reaching a big audience is highly possible.

Build engagement

Once users feel connected to your content, they will feel connected to your brand. Getting interactions and responding to them will help your business create a community.

Increase conversions

Tiktok users tend to be highly involved with the content they watch and want to include it in their everyday lives. Advertising on Tiktok can make your sales go up.

Receive feedback

Since the audience is so involved with the content, it’s common to see feedback from the users, both on the content and the product or service.

What can your Tiktok Ad look like?

TikTok, like many other social media platforms, has a few different ways to advertise, adapting to your pocket and needs. Here are some of the different types of ads you can post:

  • In feed-video: These are the videos that appear organic. Users can see them on their For You Page while they’re scrolling down.
  • Spark Ads: You can boost organic content by sponsoring a video from your profile.
  • Brand takeover: The ad takes on the entire screen once the user enters the platform. After a few seconds, it changes into an in-feed video.
  • Top-view ads: In-feed video that shows up as soon as the user opens the app.
  • Branded hashtags: These hashtags show up on the Discovery page of Tiktok and encourage users to create content using the brand’s hashtag.
  • Carousel ads: They can include up to ten images that show up on the users’ For You Page.

Get your business started on TikTok by hiring a TikTok Ads Agency (like us!).

If used correctly, Tiktok can drive traffic to your business website or even other social media platforms, it can make users very interested in your product or service and even in the trends and content that you’re creating.

It’s important to consider what your audience might be looking for in the content they consume. TikTok users tend to search for creative videos that invite them to participate in one way or another. Including CTA’s, participating in trends, and using the most popular audios is a must, most of the time.

Here are some of the steps to take when creating a Tiktok Ads strategy:

1. Get to know the platform:

This is essential. Before you start posting or creating the ads you need to know the social media app, the algorithm, and the way the audience and creators communicate.

2. Set your goals:

You need to know very well what you want to sell, what your target audience is, and how you want to measure your success to keep track of the process and results.

3. Create amazing content and stay consistent:

Catch your audience’s attention and stay on good terms with the algorithm. You’ll probably see results in less time.

4. Listen to your followers:

You know you can get good interactions and feedback, don’t waste it.

Lucky for you, you found the right place! At SC Digital, we’re a professional TikTok Ads Agency and we’re eager to work with you and have all the tools and knowledge to implement a great and successful strategy.

Have questions? Let’s get a conversation going! Schedule a time to Zoom with us about TikTok Advertising, or call us now. 

Kind words from our beloved clients…

SC Digital
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We have been using SC Digital for at least 4 or 5 years now. They redesigned our website that was outdated and made another one for our new business as well. They manage our Google ads and our social media accounts and... so much more. Their professionalism, creativity and expertise has helped bring us to where we are today. Big shout out to Allison, Angela and Brad for all they do for us!read more
Sam Taylor
Sam Taylor
Erica Kinney helped us to understand the process of optimizing our business. How SC Digital partners with their clients to help make their individual business needs a success. The real-time comparisons and deep dive on... who we are looking for and whom is looking for us. Outstanding!read more
I met Brad of SC Digital when I lost my marketer and realized I was in way over my head when it came to the online, digital platforms. After meeting with Brad, I knew he and his team were the ones to take our family... business to the next level with our online presence.They are extremely knowledgeable about all things social media, website, content management and analytics systems related. Beyond their expertise, they also are very responsive, creative and take the time to explain the analytical info to someone like me, who is not proficient in tech.SC Digital goes above and beyond with amazing energy to get everything from ad campaigns, social media engagement, to website optimization done with ease and professionalism.I would highly recommend SC Digital for your business's online marketing !Tamara SpencerChocorua Camping Village KOAread more
Shelley Regin
Shelley Regin
Great content from Brad during NEFMAs spring conference. He’s an engaging speaker and all around nice guy!
Kelly Chippas
Kelly Chippas
I attended Brads seminar at the NEFMA conference and the information he shared was invaluable! Thanks for sharing so many great tips!
Jamie Conaghan
Jamie Conaghan
Brad’s presentation on local search was full of actionable ways to increase your organization’s search performance, all while being incredibly engaging and easy to follow. I would absolutely recommend him as a speaker... and resource on digital marketing tactics and SEO.read more
John Dippold
John Dippold
SC Digital helped my firm run targeted ads on Facebook. Allison and Angela were excellent partners; they helped craft the initial strategy for the ads, responded quickly to my questions and concerns, and were creative... in coming up with solutions to improve my campaign throughout the engagement. The campaign results exceeded my expectations and I’d definitely work with SC Digital again in the future based on this experience.read more
Sc digital did an amazing job with my website! Brad is kind and truly wants to give you the very best he can offer! I’m so thankful for the team at sc digital!
Jeramey Dow
Jeramey Dow
Brad and his crew are great. While designing our new website both Brad and Claire were very communicative and worked with us to really incorporate everything as it pertains to our industry. We are in a very competitive... market for tick and mosquito. So far everything has been great having SC Digital in charge of seo marketing. Cant wait to see where this goes from here.read more
Linda Spinale
Linda Spinale
SC Digital, specifically Brad has an outstanding knowledge of how to improve your website's performance. In just 20 minutes he freely gave me so many tips that made so much sense! Like "why didn't I think of that:"... kind of stuff! He is just a wealth of knowledge. Have him do your Homepage Audit - it's free and and outstanding stepping stone to begin working with SC Digital. Huge value add, thanks Brad!read more
Raef Granger
Raef Granger
Brad the Owner of SC Digital is a powerhouse in his field. He is caring about his clients and truly wants the best for them. He and his team work together with you to achieve the marketing success and business success... you truly are looking for. If you are on the fence about reaching out. Don't hesitate and connect with SC Digital right away!read more
I'd set up our FB Ads Manager account and something seemed off but I couldn't figure out what I'd done wrong. Eventually, I gave up and decided to reach out to Angela from SC Digital. She was able to easily go in there... and correct what I'd done and while in there clean up a few other loose ends I'd left unattended. She was great to work with and even helped me understand what I'd done wrong. I would certainly recommend them to help with your FB Business Account.read more
Bill Dagiau
Bill Dagiau
I founded a local charity, Annie's Angels Memorial Fund. When we needed to find a new web design team, SC Digital was the team we chose! SC Digital was exactly what we needed to bring our web presence to the next level.
Was a pleasure working with SC Digital. The staff is very kind and responsive.
olivia hyde
olivia hyde
My experience working at SC Digital was an incredible, insightful, and rewarding one. This was my first job out of college, in the field I had studied, and they took a chance on me while at the same time building the... teams, policies, goals and clientele that would soon make SC Digital what it is today. They taught me everything I know, with patience and respect, letting me learn and grow individually, while also helping the team and company grow as well. After 6 months, and finally feeling comfortable and capable in my position, the pandemic started, and us, along with the rest of the world, was forced to adapt to a new and remote working situation. Brad and Matt, the incredible co-owners who gave my this position, helped the whole team transition to a life working at home, while still feeling connected to our team and clients, efficient in our work and growing in our skills, goals, and clientele. During this time, we were able to help so many small businesses stay safe and successful during a very tumultuous time, and for that I am very proud to have been a part of this team, and company. I want to also thank Caitlin and Angela who helped me everyday from my first day to my last. SC Digital is an amazing company to work for, with amazing clients and an even more amazing team. I recommend working with them in any capacity; as a client, or as a team member, your experience with them, like mine, will be a respectful, successful, and incredible one. Thank you to everyone who makes SC Digital what it is, I’ll never forget my experience here.read more
Jaime Weatherby
Jaime Weatherby
Brad Solomon and his team are professional and deeply talented! From experienced developers to robust creative minds, they take supporting their clients to the next level. As an agency owner myself, I partner with SC... Digital whenever possible, bounce ideas off Brad and his team, and troubleshoot problems with them as trusted colleagues. So if you need marketing support - you're in excellent hands with this agency.read more
The professionalism and results-driven attitude of this company is amazing. Brad and his team really focus on learning your business and finding the best approach to help you improve where you need it most. Our account... manager, Allison, is always responsive to our needs and questions. We are very excited to see how much we can grow with SC Digital!read more
Angela M Carter
Angela M Carter
I've worked with SC Digital a couple of times, most recently to launch paid search and paid social campaigns for brand awareness and lead generation. The team is super easy to work with, responsive, and understand the... space. Highly recommend!read more
Sandra Laffin
Sandra Laffin
Great experience with SC Digital! Olivia Hyde was professional and quick to respond to my requests. Thank you Olivia and team. I love my website!
Chris Baldwin
Chris Baldwin
I hired Brad and is team at SC Digital Marketing to develop a website for my new start up business. Brad and his team took the time to get to know me as well as my business. The website that they developed exceeded my... expectations and looks amazing, I couldn’t be happier. Also, when ever you have a question or there is something that pertains to any services that SC Digital provides, you can always get in touch with them.I would highly recommend Brad and his team at SC Digital to anyone looking to start a business and grow!!read more
Tom Gruen
Tom Gruen
On behalf of the 21 UNH students at the Voice Z Digital student-run agency, we want to give Brad Solomon and @scdigital a giant THANK YOU for working with us over the past three weeks to show us how an agency can and... should be run. Brad's knowledge of the tools and techniques to run an agency are clearly best practices in the industry. The professionalism SC Digital exhibits not only shows how to take care of clients, but also how to drive value to client's businesses.read more
Zachary Lemear
Zachary Lemear
I have had the pleasure of working with Brad and his team at SC Digital twice now and I have to say I am blown away!In both scenarios I was hired as a consultant. First as marketing and branding consultant with... additional expertise in selling on Amazons marketplace, second in more of a tech role to assist in launching a fitness website with app integrations for merchant processors in an updated theme for WooCommerce.The fact that he hired me as a consultant in areas his team did not have expertise is a testament on his professionalism and commitment to his clients. He will always bring in the right expert for the job to ensure your project is a success!The second project was more a testament to his team. The ability to deliver the project at hand in under a month was unbelievable. Super fast turn around, executed perfectly!If you need help with your website, social media, SEO and everything in between you can trust that SC Digital will deliver every time!read more
SC Digital has been a pleasure to work with. The team is knowledgeable and ultra responsive, even on the weekend. Matt and Brad are great!! Would highly recommend.
Ashley Wurth
Ashley Wurth
Extremely professional, knowledgeable, and transparent. My experience with Brad and the SC Digital team so far has been exceptional. I feel confident my clients are in good hands!
I've started working with SC Digital to increase my exposure for solar sales. Brad and his team have helped implement some online referral sourcing and promotion of what I do as a Solar Energy Consultant. Brad is very... personable, and they work efficiently with small businesses to get up and running quickly.read more
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Why should you trust us to handle Tiktok Ads for your business?

Our digital marketing agency is ready for you! At SC Digital, we know what it takes to create awesome digital content for your business and advertise it on Tiktok to see outstanding results.

When working on your social media strategy, we’ll take a targeted approach, so you’re not just getting a lot of views and interactions but getting the right views and interactions. Reaching an audience that can turn into potential customers is our priority when advertising your business, so the results will be seen as real conversions and not just profile visits.

We’re familiar with the platform and the market, and we have gatherers all the tools and knowledge to deliver a successful service. From the beginning, we will work with you to have awesome content and advertise it in the way that works best for you.

You can either send us content that you have, or we will provide content of our own to create awesome TikToks, including the video, hashtags, captions, and of course, the Ad implementation.

We offer the best TikTok Advertising service!

And how often should you post? It’s up to you!

As a premium digital marketing agency located in New England, we adapt to our customer’s needs. We know that everyone has different goals, and audiences and the right path looks different for every business, so we want to do what works best for you. We offer a social media package that can be customized to your budget and goals.

Get started with TikTok Advertising now!

Start expanding your business right now! Grow your TikTok presence and reach a new audience to get them interested in what you have to offer. At SC Digital we know that by doing this you can get ahead of your competition and grow a community.

If you’re ready to bring your business to the next level, you found the right agency for you. Contact us and let’s start working together!

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