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Why should you be advertising on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an online platform that connects the world’s professionals. It is a social network that is specifically designed to connect career and business professionals to build strategic relationships. The whole premise is about quality connections.

There are many reasons you should advertise on linkedIn.

  • Access to a tremendous audience
    LinkedIn is similar to Facebook, in the sense that when you make a profile, you must include personal information, but LinkedIn is almost more extensive. It requires a location, work history, education, age, and other demographics.

  • Excellent targeting accuracy
    LinkedIn has an advanced targeting option that allows you to narrow down your audience to be very specific.

  • Connect directly with individuals within your audience
    LinkedIn has features in which you can send customized messages to people within your targeted audience.

  • Multiple Ad options
    LinkedIn is similar to Facebook when it comes to ad options. They have a variety of ads:

    • Text ads
    • Display ads
    • Sponsored ads
    • Video ads
    • Sponsored InMail ads
    • Dynamic ads
  • You can choose ad goals such as: lead generation, brand awareness, and engagement.

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How does it work?

It first begins with creating a profile or page for your business on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social media platform, but like Google it is a search engine, so your page needs to be optimized in order for potential clients to find you easily, the same as if they searched your website on Google.

LinkedIn is great for sharing content, since it is a business-friendly networking tool, it becomes one of the best places to promote your business content.

People are very likely to interact and engage with your content on LinkedIn because it is a professional atmosphere. There are a variety of options to choose from when creating ads, as well as the ability to target a very specific audience. LinkedIn has an excellent advertising platform that very closely resembles Facebook.

Between its features and extensive network, LinkedIn is truly a very valuable tool in the digital marketing world, and lucky for you we know how to do it all!

When you work with SC Digital on your paid search strategy, we will take a long term, consultative approach to managing your traffic and budget.