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Facebook Advertising


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Facebook Advertising

Facebook & Instagram Ads are becoming more and more popular these days, and lucky for you, we have expertise in this area.  There are so many different ways a business can use Facebook ads to generate additional customers and visibility, and we can help you tap into that power using our skill and knowledge of the platform. As a premier Facebook Ad Agency in NH, we will put the tools to work in your favor and you’ll never look back.

Facebook Engagement Ads

Sometimes, running Facebook ads is all about gaining “Likes, Shares & Comments.” These can be incredibly valuable, especially when it comes to generating interest and questions around your product offerings. We’ll structure your engagement posts properly to maximize your ROI on each one.

Here’s What Makes us Different: Many agencies simply try to grow your audience organically by posting content to your page and trying to get people to “Like” it. We take a much more targeted approach, leveraging the Facebook advertising capabilities to proactively target the people in your market who are most likely to need your services. We stage posts to make people most likely to comment and ask questions. When they do, we invite them into a conversation during which we can gain contact info to send to you, the business owner, to follow up.

Facebook Lead Ads

Smart businesses understand that Facebook has a huge network full of customers and clients who need their services, but just haven’t found their business yet. We can showcase your brand, products and services to the right people and get them to take action immediately by filling out a “lead form” that will come directly to your email address.

Here’s What Makes us Different: By coupling lead ads with Engagement Ads, we’re able to retarget your most interested, highest quality customers at a lower cost per lead than your other advertising sources. Once someone interacts with an Engagement post, we can quickly retarget them with a “Lead Ad” within days, giving you the ability to “follow up” with thousands of prospects without ever actually talking with them.

We Run Facebook Ads For Many Types Of Companies

Car Dealers, Lawn Care Companies, Landscaping Companies, Restaurants, Tea Parlors, Coffee Shops, Hotels, Charitable Organizations, Website Development Companies, Food Delivery Services, Electricians, Real Estate Agents, Contractors, Kitchen Renovation Specialists, and More!

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Facebook Retargeting Ads

Ever been on a website and, upon leaving that website, noticed you’re being “followed” by that company’s ads? Happens all the time, right? Well now you can harness that same technology in your business! This is called “retargeting” and it is an incredibly effective form of advertising on Facebook.

Here’s What Makes us Different: Not only can we retarget visitors to your website, but we can use Facebook’s technology to identify key characteristics common to those people, and then direct target other people who share those same characteristics. This allows you to stretch the power of your digital advertising and reach the best people, even if they never knew about you.

Facebook Reach and Location Based Ads

Promoting an event? Trying to simply gain exposure for your business so people know who you are and what you do? Then Reach and Location Based Ads might be right for you. These ads use your location as the primary determinant of who your message is shown to.

Here’s What Makes us Different: Being able to talk with us and discuss what type of ad will work best for your particular situation or business…. That’s priceless. As a premiere Facebook Ads Agency in NH, we’re going to be able to recommend and implement the best strategy for you and walk you through it every step of the way.

Be Found. We’ll market your Business and gather leads through social media…

  • Audience Optimization

  • Re targeting Website Visits

  • Local Promotions

  • Funnel Creation for Goals

  • Ad Creative and Production

  • Offer and Deal Loss Leaders

Are You Ready To Work With Us

Have you found yourself thinking, “I should be advertising on Facebook, but how the heck do I do it?”

It’s very simple…. you get in touch with us.

The advertising options available to a business today are literally endless. With Facebook ads, you’re able to broadcast your targeted message to the clients who want and need you, but might not know you exist.

We will work directly with you to structure an entire social media campaign that produces long term, lasting results… not just immediate traffic.

Our Facebook Marketing service includes:


Audience Optimization

How well do you know your target customer?  What makes him or her distinct?  We will help you with an ongoing analysis to make sure you’re targeting the right people at the right time.



This is your business saying, “Hey, remember us?  Here’s what we have going on, and why you should care right now.”  We will help you use Facebook to stay in front of those people who are already familiar with you and simply need reminders that you exist.


Local promotions

Need to drive traffic today?  There’s really no faster way than by designing a swift, clever Facebook campaign that can bring immediate traffic to your door.  While these “one-off” promotions should be used very carefully, they’re also extremely effective if targeted to the correct audience.


Funnel creation

  • Get your audience familiar with your industry, and why they should care

  • Help them connect your business to the industry they now care about

  • Position your business as the authority in the space

  • Make it easy and valuable for clients to do business with you

Ad creative

Designing engaging, captivating ads is our specialty.  Go to market with a strong plan to capture the hearts and minds of your audience, and you’ll experience wild amounts of success on Facebook.


Ad optimization

Facebook is tricky.  The targeting and quality of your ad campaign is more important than on other platforms like TV, radio and newspapers.  This is because Facebook users have the ability to simply hide your ads and provide negative information to Facebook.  Too much of this will ultimately raise your prices and, worst case scenario, get your ads banned.  Let’s not have that happen.


All Social Platforms

Although Facebook is the main player in social advertising, this could change rapidly (and probably will).  There are many other social media platforms that might be right for your business.  We’ll help you identify the best opportunities.

Frequently asked questions about our Facebook Ads service

“I’m already advertising on Facebook, I update my page all the time. How will this be any different?” 

That’s great!  We will utilize the Facebook property you’ve already created and help get you in front of new opportunities you never thought possible.

Make no mistake, Facebook is in business to make money.  This means that, for most businesses, having a Facebook page and focusing only on generating organic traffic is not enough.  In Facebook, you really must “pay to play.”  Not only that, but your “play” must be of the highest quality to break through the noise.

All that content you’re posting now?  It’s probably fantastic!  But it’s not useful if it doesn’t reach the correct target audience.  We will use the Facebook Advertising platform to make sure your messaging reaches the perfect customer and drives them to take action.

“How many posts will you do each week?” 

This differs greatly by client type, industry and goals.  However, in general we stress quality over quantity.  For instance, a single, well-constructed post can deliver amazing results for you for weeks, months, or even years!  We seek to find those amazing messages that resonate with your target audience and then we deliver them to the widest number of people. 

“What type of reporting and feedback will I receive?” 

The most noticeable feedback you’ll receive will be an immediate uptick in Facebook/Instagram engagement, “Likes,” comments, shares, inbound messages and leads.  Additionally, on a monthly basis you’ll receive a report detailing all important metrics.  It will show you how many people saw your ads, how many took “action,” which ads were most engaging, messages generated, and more.  The information included in our monthly reporting differs based on industry and campaign goals, with more emphasis placed on individual business goals.  See below for couple monthly reporting examples:  

Facebook Ads reporting for a local restaurant

Facebook Ads reporting for a local landscaping company

Facebook Ads reporting for a local auto dealership

Facebook Ads reporting for a Car Dealership

“Do you offer Instagram as well as Facebook advertising?” 

We sure do!  In fact, Instagram si often the preferred platform to deliver your messages to the target audience.  In fact, we also excel in YouTube, Google MyBusiness, and other forms of digital marketing. 

“How often will I get to talk with someone about my goals at your agency?” 

You’ll have one of our amazing teammates assigned to your account, and we hold monthly strategy sessions during which you can discuss your business goals with that person.  You can also always email into our team at team@scdigital.com.  We take great pride in being sure we’re available to answer your specific questions and address your needs!  

“Are there any setup fees?” 

None! That’s one of the things that our clients really love about us.  We do not charge any setup fees whatsoever, you only pay a monthly fee based your business type and goals.  You’ll find the value you’ll receive to be extraordinary and the costs to be more than fair.  Please contact us for a quote for your business.

“How do payments work?” 

We will put a company card on file and you’ll simply be charged once per month for services.  

“How does “ad spend” work?” 

Your “ad spend” is paid directly to Facebook from a credit card you put on file.  You will simply provide us with the card information and we’ll set up your Facebook Ad Account for you.  Your monthly ad spend will come directly off your card from Facebook.

“Can I see some example ads you’ve done?” 

Certainly!  Please see below for a quick sample of ads we have placed for clients in the past.  There are thousands more where these came from, and we are happy to show you all of them!  



Very impressed by the speed that our changes were made and the fact that SC Digital took the time to make sure all the areas of the website were updated with our new online payment options. Very professional!

Jen Cruz

Professional Physical Therapy

SC Digital took our website that did not rank in the top 100 for anything and in a relatively short period brought it onto the first page for everything we want to rank for. They did this by learning about our industry and what we do and then rebuilt the website according to our needs and our customers needs. Hire SC Digital.

Nic Morse

Trusted Fire Protection LLC

SC Digital has done a great job for us! In a matter of months we have moved up the rankings big time on Google searches for our industry. We are getting a lot more high quality leads for specific services that we want to provide. Brad and the team have worked hand in hand with us to customize our service. The amount of new leads coming in from Google has more than doubled.


New Outlook Landscaping

Matt and his team at SC Digital have been extremely helpful with our website and online ads! Highly recommended.

Kelly Farrington

Professional Physical Therapy

The whole team at Seacoast Digital has been amazing, from the creation of my website and steps to increase my exposure on Google, to content and ads on social media. And they are all quick to respond with any questions, since most of what they do is pretty much over my head. It’s very quickly becoming the best thing I have done for my business. Highly recommend!!


Brenda Maggy

Brenda Maggy REMAX

SC Digital is the BEST business decision I have made to date.  These guys care!  Two words you never hear together are consulting and caring, but it does exist.  I will take someone who gives a darn about my business over anyone who is the “industry best” every single time.

With all that said let’s talk numbers since that is why we are all in business. Working together with SC Digital we have grown from $550,000 in sales to $765,000 to 1.1 million.  Solomon Consulting has been the singular change to our advertising/marketing efforts, and they handle it all.  The partnership has been one that I value a great deal as they help, drive calls, build sales processes, train customer service representatives and help build the business. SC Digital is like having a valued team member that is a like a family member.


Shawn Laplante

Laplante Electric

Lets get started.Thank you for your interest in our Business Activator Growth package! One of our team member will follow up with you within one business day to complete the process.

Let's get started.Thank you for your interest in our Business Activator Starter package! One of our team member will follow up with you within one business day to complete the process.