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Renzo Gracie NH

Here’s how we help Renzo Gracie NH bring new students into their academy every day.

The Challenge

The owner of RGNH needed a single marketing company who could manage the website, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, video and email campaigns all under one “roof.”  They needed continuity in their messaging and high-impact creative that expressed the key themes of anti-bullying, self-confidence and physical fitness. 

The Results


Increase in Page Likes


Increase in Page Engagement


Increase in Students


Increase in Conversions

The Tools

Complete Website Development

Youtube Advertising

Search Engine Optimzation

Facebook Advertising

Google Advertising

The Solutions


High converting, elegant and informational.

Increased lead generation

One key goal of the new website was to increase leads, forms and phone calls.  We helped accomplish this by providing many compelling reasons for visitors to convert and making it very easy for them to do so. 

Social media marketing

Our social media strategy targets a multitude of customer types, including parents concerned about their kids being bullied, adults looking to get in shape, and women looking to learn self defense.

Google Ads

The Google Ads strategy for RGNH includes a separate PPC campaign for each geography from which they want to draw students.  This allows us to lower their cost per click while increasing their overall activity.

YouTube Ads

Not only do we handle all of the advertising in YouTube for RGNH, but we also create the majority of their video content!  Here are a couple gems we have created for them.

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