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Not only is it important for your company to have the most visibility when it comes to searching, it is also important for your customers to know that your company is the most reliable, and trustworthy of the rest of your competitors, and we can do that with the Google Guarantee program!

What is Google Guarantee?

Google Guarantee is a certification given to your company, that essentially means that Google guarantees that your company is trustworthy, reliable, and the best option of all the other companies in that particular industry. This certification gives your customers their very first impression of your company, which is extremely important when it comes to generating more leads.

This program also goes a step further, and offers some insurance. If a customer is for some reason unhappy with a service that was Google Guaranteed, Google will cover the claim made by the customer, allowing for your company to have some coverage in the rare case that someone is unhappy. This certification is a holy grail in terms of business success!

How does this work?

Essentially Google puts your company through a screening process. This is an extensive process where Google does a background check on your company, makes sure your company is licensed, does an insurance check, and screens your reviews and ratings.

This is to verify that they can ‘guarantee’ that you have the best service, and are a reliable, trustworthy company. It is also because Google is now going to be offering a refund if someone is not completely satisfied with the work your company has done.

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Can I Be Google Guaranteed?

The Google Guarantee program isn’t just for anyone! This program is for local businesses. Check out our “Everything You Need To Know About The Google Guarantee” download for more details and specifics of the program!

Being Google Guaranteed can greatly increase the amount of leads you are getting, and therefore increase business. This program is highly beneficial, and luckily for you we are experts in this area, and we have helped many of our clients become Google Guaranteed! Give us a call for a free analysis and we can determine if the Google Guaranteed program is the right decision for you!

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