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Warning! Don’t Fall For These Social Media Myths!

There are many myths and stigmas surrounding social media. To help you separate fact from fiction, we put together some of the most common social media myths out there.

Myth #1: Focusing on How Many Likes You Get

Many people believe that the amount of likes on your page matters the most, although getting likes is good, it is not everything. It is more of a vanity metric than anything else. We have many clients who make millions of dollars a year off of their social media ads, and their pages have less than 1,000 likes. Likes do not correlate to business. You want to focus more on interactions, engagements and targeting rather than focusing on getting likes.

Myth #2: Social Media Increases SEO Value

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that this is true. Some people see a correlation between having good, consistent social media, and higher SEO value, but that is having to do with them, and their efforts as opposed to one directly affecting the other. They pay attention to their digital marketing, social media campaigns, and strategies so of course they are going to have well-rounded metrics. They have good SEO value because they put the effort into getting it rather than thinking that their social media will make it happen without any other efforts.

Myth #3: Posting Everyday

A lot of people believe that you must post every single day, or multiple times a week, but this is very circumstantial. It is entirely dependent upon your business, and what you do. This can work well for some people, whereas not so much for others.

The amount of times you post is based upon the content you have, if it’s quality, if it isn’t too repetitive, and if it makes sense. You don’t want to be posting random things everyday just to be posting, instead you should post when you have quality content. Instead of focusing on how many times a week you post, try to focus on making a schedule and being consistent with that.

Myth #4: Everyone Should Run Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be great for a lot of businesses, but not everyone. This again is dependent upon your business, and the industry that you are in. There are just some things that people would never see on Facebook, as opposed to if they were getting ads on Google. This is situational, but having a more well-rounded marketing strategy across multiple platforms can be far more effective than just focusing on one.

Myth #5: Social Media Is Bad For B2B Companies

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Social media ads have complex targeting tools, where you can literally target someone based off of anything. That means yes, you can target demographics and interests, but you can also target industries and jobs. Social media ads are good for just about any business.

Now that you’ve been able to read some common myths and stigmas about social media marketing, we hope that this can give you a better understanding going forward on your digital marketing journey!

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