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Webinar Replay: Advanced Social Media Advertising

Here is a replay of a webinar that we recently got the chance to host with the Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth, titled “Advanced Social Media Advertising”.

Advanced Social Advertising: How to Grow Your Website Traffic, Email List, and Audience Using Facebook & Instagram Ads

Are you using Facebook or Instagram ads to promote your business but have no idea if they’re effective or not? SC Digital recently partnered with The Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth to present to you, valuable information and tips on creating and utilizing advanced strategies for Facebook and Instagram that will get you real results!

During this webinar, our experts at SC Digital will walk you through the importance of choosing ad objectives, understanding the use of the Facebook pixel, measuring your KPIs and dealing with issues and problems along the way.


By the end of this webinar we guarantee that you’ll…

✅Know the “secret sauce” you can use to make your ads create massive sales for your business

✅Choose the objective that will best help you reach your end goal 

✅Understand the right metrics to measure your campaigns and evaluate success

✅Know all about custom audiences and retargeting

✅Understand the “actions” people take on your website 

✅Know how to create an amazing online reputation

✅Know how to turn customer comments into sales

✅Know how to use social media ads to quickly increase your email subscribers

✅Know how to handle negative customer comments

✅Know how to avoid WASTING money targeting the WRONG PEOPLE

✅And so, so much more!


This is part of a 9-part digital marketing webinar series which will be taking place each week from now until Christmas

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