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5 things your WordPress Website Design Agency should check before site launch

One of the beautiful parts of working with a professional WordPress Website Design Agency is that we have a well-defined, foolproof process for making your WordPress website work for you.

Here are some of the key items we always check on every WordPress Website Design project before it goes live

1) Form submission deliverability – this is one of the most important parts of a website. If your inbound forms are not getting to you for some reason, you’re missing out on opportunities every day. Many clients who come to us do not have a way to receive their forms successfully, which is one of the first things we always address.

2) Site speed – we check each WordPress website to make sure images are optimized and the site is utilizing caching tools, which help the site move faster.

3) Mobile responsiveness – most WordPress websites are being viewed on mobile devices far more often than on desktop devices. For this reason, we always double and triple check a WordPress website’s responsiveness to mobile devices to ensure a great user experience.

4) Ensure the phone number and email address on the site are “clickable” – Customers do not want to have to spend time typing your phone number into their phone app. It needs to be coded so it’s easily “clicked.”

5) Google Analytics installation – This helps determine how much traffic your website is receiving. You also need to have GA4 (Google Analytics’ new version) installed on your website.

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