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Webinar Replay: Social Media Advertising Basics

Here is a replay of a webinar we recently hosted along with the Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth, titled “Social Media Advertising Basics.”

📣 How to Leverage Instagram and Facebook Ads to Grow Your Business and Dominate Your Market

Ready for an overload of valuable information that you can use to grow your business? SC Digital partnered with the Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth to bring you a ton of amazing information about how to advertise and grow your business on social media.

During this webinar, marketing experts from SC Digital introduce you to the Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms and share tips for creating effective, highly engaging campaigns.

Learn everything you need to know (and more) about utilizing Facebook and Instagram effectively to grow your business and dominate your market.

We even create a LIVE CAMPAIGN with a webinar participant! Showing you how the “sauce is made,” so to speak!

By the end of this webinar, we guarantee you will
✅ Understand how to better reach your target audience
✅ Gain at least 3 ideas for how to create an offer that resonates with your perfect customer
✅ Know how to track the performance of your social media campaigns
✅ Learn some nasty myths we all need to LET GO OF to be successful with social media ads
✅ Understand how to handle comments (positive and negative)
✅ Get your burning 🔥 social media related questions answered
✅ And tons more!

This is part of a 9-part digital marketing webinar series which will be taking place each week from now until Christmas.

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