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Everything you need to know about the Google Guarantee

If you’re ready to learn about Google Guarantee, here’s a detailed step-by-step explanation to help you get going quickly. We provide services to get you up and running with the Google Guarantee quickly. 

What is the Google Guarantee?

Google Guaranteed brings your business to a whole new level when it comes to a customer searching for your company’s services. Becoming Google Guaranteed is a difficult process, and not just anyone can have it. Google Guaranteed assures that you will have the most visibility in regards to competitors who are not approved. This program gives the customer its very first impression of your business. It makes them aware of the fact that Google guarantees that your company is the most reliable, and trustworthy out of all the rest.

Not only does this service increase your traffic, and therefore business, it also allows for some insurance. If a customer is for some reason unhappy with a service, Google will cover the claim made by the customer, allowing for your company to have some coverage in the rare case that someone is unhappy. This certification is a holy grail in terms of business success!

What types of businesses does Google Guarantee work for?

The Google Guarantee program isn’t just for anyone! This program is for local businesses. Here are some of the businesses that can become Google Guaranteed!


✅Acupuncturist  ✅Animal shelter ✅Appliance repair ✅Bankruptcy lawyer ✅Beauty school ✅Business lawyer ✅Carpenter ✅Carpet cleaning ✅Child care ✅Contract lawyer ✅Countertop pro ✅Criminal lawyer ✅Dance instructor ✅Disability lawyer ✅Driving instructor ✅Dui lawyer ✅Electrician ✅Estate lawyer ✅Family lawyer ✅Fencing pro ✅Financial planner ✅First aid trainer ✅Flooring pro ✅Foundation pro ✅Funeral home ✅Garage door pro ✅General contractor ✅Handyman ✅Home inspector ✅Home security ✅Home theater ✅House cleaner ✅HVAC ✅Immigration lawyer ✅Ip lawyer ✅Junk removal ✅Labor lawyer ✅Landscaper ✅Language instructor ✅Lawn care ✅Litigation Lawyer ✅Locksmith ✅Malpractice lawyer ✅Massage school ✅Mover ✅Personal injury lawyer ✅Personal trainer ✅Pest control ✅Pet adoption ✅Pet boarding ✅Pet grooming ✅Pet trainer ✅Plumber ✅Pool cleaner ✅Pool contractor ✅Preschool ✅Real estate agent ✅Real estate lawyer ✅Roofer ✅Sewage pro ✅Siding pro ✅Snow removal ✅Tax lawyer ✅Tax specialist ✅Traffic lawyer ✅Tree service ✅Tutor ✅Veterinarian ✅Water damage ✅Weight loss service ✅Window cleaner ✅Window repair ✅Yoga instructor

How does Google Guarantee work?

Essentially Google puts your company through a screening process. This is an extensive process where Google does a background check on your company, makes sure your company is licensed, does an insurance check, and screens your reviews and ratings. This is to verify that they can ‘guarantee’ that you have the best service, and are a reliable, trustworthy company.

It is also because Google is now going to be offering a refund if someone is not completely satisfied with the work your company has done.

How much does Google Guarantee cost?

Like with most Pay Per Click-type services, your cost can vary depending on your traffic needs.  You can modify your budget as needed (more on that later).  To get started, every business is a little different, but we’ve seen as low as $25-$50 per week! And, Google Guarantee is “Pay Per Lead,” so the only time you’re paying is when you’re receiving calls. 

What types of licenses do I need for Google Guarantee?

Google verifies that advertisers hold applicable state, provincial and/or country-level licenses for businesses and owners/managers, to the extent practical. The licenses Google has verified for each advertiser are displayed on their provider profile.

What type of insurance do I need set up for the Google Guarantee?

Each provider’s business must carry general liability insurance coverage for work performed.  Google will require that you submit a copy of your insurance policy during account setup. 

Can I add pictures to my Google Guarantee listing?

Yes, you can absolutely add pictures to your listing!  The pictures on your Google Guaranteed profile have very specific sizing requirements.  We can help you set up your profile for maximum effectiveness. 

Is there a background check for Google Guarantee?

Yes, Google does a background check on your company!  This background check is absolutely free to you, and is done through a company called “Evident.”  This typically takes anywhere between 2-5 weeks, depending on Google’s ability to get to everyone. 

Can I change my budget at any time?

Yes, that’s part of the beauty of it! You can change the budget and modify as you need. 

How will I know if the Google Guarantee is working?

Google will email you each time someone calls your business from the Google Guarantee advertisement, making tracking a breeze.  Even better, Google records the phone calls so that your company can actively train your call-takers and can also get the maximum return on investment.  

Can I choose the areas I advertise in with Google Guarantee? 

Yes, you can pick and choose each city as needed.  This gives you the ability to pick precisely which areas you’d like to target.    

Can I choose the areas I advertise in with Google Guarantee? 

Yes, you can pick and choose each city as needed.  This gives you the ability to pick precisely which areas you’d like to target.   If you take a look at the map to the left, this is the process for choosing your locations using the Google Guarantee program.  It’s quite straightforward and makes it easy for you and your business to pick and choose the exact zip codes you’d like to advertise in.   

What is the process of getting set up with Google Guarantee?

The first step is to find “Google Local Services” and either sign in with your account, or create a new one.  You’ll be asked a series of questions which will give Google an indication of whether or not you will qualify for the program.  You can download a full checklist of what you’ll need to get started with Google Guarantee here.  You can also contact us at 877-706-0997 and we will set your Google Guarantee profile up for you! 

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