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Digital Marketing Strategy

Google® Ads, Display Ads & Retargeting For Roofing Companies


For roofing companies, it’s critical to be present when a potential customer is searching for a new roof or looking for repairs.  If you’re not present at the top of Google, you might lose that customer to a competitor.  We can help you make sure that doesn’t happen. 

Wondering whether you need to be ‘paying’ for every click?

Having a paid search campaign is not a choice for most companies. Many consumers will click one of the top three results in a google search, which are typically paid results. You likely want to be the business they click, paid or not.

Unless you’re a trained professional, don’t go it alone.  

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There are plenty more questions to be considered.  The best news for you is that we are experts in this area, so you will not have to worry about whether or not your account is being managed effectively.  Give us a call for a free analysis, and we will tell you how much traffic is available to you and help you determine whether a paid strategy is the right approach.

We will manage your campaign with some key factors in mind:

What customers are most valuable to you?

In some businesses, there are certain types of customers who are simply too valuable to miss.  For instance, if you’re a towing company and someone in your city searches, “fast tow company near me,” you must show first if you hope to get the click.   That client is likely stranded on the side of the road and will click one of the first relevant results they see.

How much should you pay for each click?

This goes back to determining the customer’s value and intent.  Higher intent clicks tend to be more expensive, but there’s good reason!

When do you want the most traffic?

The beautiful thing about paid search is that you can turn it on and off as necessary.  For instance, say you run a laser tag facility and your local weather man has just informed the public that there is some unexpected rain coming this afternoon.  A good strategy would be to crank up that paid advertising, so you can capture “impulse clicks” from people who are looking something to do today.

What do you want your ads to say?

Besides targeting the right customers, your ad copy is the most important factor to your paid search success.  Strong, compelling ad copy will increase your clicks, lower the cost per click, improve your position, and increase the frequency with which your ad is displayed.  Needless to say, the ad copy has to be perfect.

Here are some of the things our PPC management covers

Account setup

We will create your Google Ads account under our management dashboard

Keyword Research

We will do ample research to understand which keywords are most likely to create valuable clicks for you

Campaign creation

We will create campaigns according to your company goals and will organize ad groups under those campaigns. Campaigns are typically created based on location and/or subject matter. It also means we determine the appropriate objectives for each campaign. I anticipate creating at least 5 campaigns in this case, one for each area we’ll be targeting

Audience Selection

We will target searchers based on their demographic

Landing Page Creation

We will create custom landing pages to generate leads.


A few words about landing pages… 

Landing pages will include all the necessary elements, including:

Restating what the person likely searched for in order to produce the page. This is highly important as it provides continuity, which increases conversions, lowers bounce rate, increases time on site, increases quality score, and ultimately lowers your cost per click. For instance, if someone looks for “managed IT services near me,” they should see an ad that says, “Managed IT Services in Dover” and, eventually, a landing page that says, “Nessit: Providing the highest quality managed IT services in Dover & the Greater New Hampshire Seacoast” or something to that effect.

Prominent contact form or phone number. In our experience, it’s important to make the client’s life easy by putting your contact info in a conspicuous location. They shouldn’t have to work hard to figure out how to become a customer. Therefore, we design our pages with this idea in mind.

Social proof. We will include reviews and testimonials from other clients on your landing page so that potential searchers can see that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re highly credible.

Problem-solving copy. Most people who search for your services are looking to solve some type of problem. We believe it’s important to speak to these problems and offer explicit solutions to demonstrate your understanding of their needs.

Fast load time. In order to reduce load time, we tend to keep images small and leave videos off the page.

Please note, landing pages should be added to your website and should not “trap” people as was the common (bad) practice years ago. We will build your landing pages on your website, and will give searchers free will to click around and learn more about your company. We can absolutely mirror your brand standards and will follow your theme entirely. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to put finishing touches on the landing pages if you’d like, or simply approve our work before anything goes live. These landing pages will also serve “double-duty” as they should begin ranking organically to improve your overall SEO results.

Conversion tracking installation

We will determine which actions are most important, produce the appropriate conversion trackers to tell Google when such actions have fired, and install those trackers on your website. Our team will install conversion tracking codes on form submission actions, phone calls, and any other action you deem valuable.

Analytics linking

We will link your Google Analytics account with the Google ADs account so you will be able to see the data in your Analytics dashboard.

Ad Group Creation

We will segment your ads based on ad group (which is a subsection of the campaign).

Ad creation

We will start with 2 expanded text ads and 1 responsive text ad per ad group .

Ad extension creation

We will create call extensions to generate phone calls, site link extensions to make your ad cover more “real estate” and generate additional traffic to your website, callout extensions to help bring more attention to your ads, structured snippet extensions to give your ads more credibility and bring more interest to your whole product catalog, and location extensions to get your ads to show up more frequently in the Google ‘map pack.”

Keyword Creation

We will add keywords to each ad group according to the goals of the campaigns. We will also add multiple versions (or “match types”) to each keyword to spend your budget most efficiently.

Keyword bidding

We will be monitoring keywords specifically and manually setting bids for each in order to maximize your return on investment. We set these bids up front, and pay close attention to them throughout the campaign.

Ad Optimization

After initial launch, we pay close attention to each ad to determine which ones are performing best. We then update/tweak/turn on or off as needed. We use CTR and conversion rates to determine which ads are most effective.

Negative keywords

We will monitor your search activity daily and determine which keywords are giving strong performance and which are resulting in irrelevant traffic. We add negative keywords as needed.

Conversion rate optimization

This is a far-reaching idea but involves landing page copy and updates, reworking ads to constantly find the highest possible level of matching, A/B testing landing pages if necessary (and if there’s enough traffic to warrant it), and a whole host of other items.

Budget optimization

We will monitor very closely the amount of budget being spent on keywords compared to the # of clicks driven, as well as the number of conversions generated.

Bidding Optimization

Some keywords will be far more expensive than others. Our team takes care to eliminate those that are more expensive than their results justify.

What will my reports look like?

We’ll provide you with comprehensive reporting each month so you can see exactly how much you’re paying per click, how many conversions and phone calls are being generated, and much more! 

When you work with SC Digital on your roofing paid search strategy, we will take a long term, consultative approach to managing your traffic and budget.