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 Please watch this video walkthrough of our credit repair digital marketing program, and then schedule your kickoff below.

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What comes with the SC Digital credit repair digital marketing package?  Check out this ridiculous lineup of value.

 1) We’re going to rebuild or update your website on an enterprise-level, lightning-fast mobile-responsive WordPress platform so you can get better Google Rankings and have significantly better flexibility as your business grows.

2) We’re going to optimize your website on a consistent basis to improve your search visibility when people are looking for credit repair services

3) We’re going to submit all of your business information to all of the major directory sites throughout the internet which means more people will find you when they use different search engines. This also gives you better SEO because the links back to your website show Google that your business is more trustworthy, therefore resulting in higher rankings.

4) We’re going to continuously optimize and post on your Google My Business page to improve your rankings locally

5) We’re going to run social media lead generation ads in your area to generate more inbound leads from people who need your services

6) We’re going to create high-value content that your audience will want to download from your website and social media profiles, and they’ll need to provide a name and email address in order to download that content so you’ll get a ton of leads that way. This helps establish you as the authority in your city and helps you build your email list. You’ll get a new content piece each quarter.

7) We’re going to make this exclusive only to you in your city – meaning we will not work with any other credit repair agency in your city +20 miles.

8) We’re going to give you enterprise-level reporting which you can log into with a username and password so you can see everything that’s happening with your marketing at all times.

9) We’re going to create a monthly email blast that goes out to your email list using Mailchimp (we’ll set this up for you). This enables you to stay in touch with the people who download your content in #6, allowing you to further establish yourself as an authority in the area and stay in touch with your customers.

10) We’re going to make sure all leads go directly to your email as well as a Google Sheet so you can keep close track of them and follow up closely to schedule a consultation with them.

11) We’re going to provide you with technology to make it much easier to get Google Reviews from your happy clients. This will further establish you and your business as a trusted authority in your market and this is an area which most businesses like yours completely neglect. Therefore, it’s yet another opportunity we’ll give you to set yourself apart from the other people in your industry, and win more clients.

12) We’re going to provide you with a professional email address ([email protected]) and give you the ability to log into this email address with Google. This will give you 30GB of storage and access to Google Drive, Slides, Docs, Sheets & more.

Total cost is $750 per month plus your ad spend, so plan for another $250 per month there. $1000/mo. total.

All you need to do is follow up with your fresh prospects, discover their wants and needs, and show them why you’re the right company to help them with their credit restoration needs.

In short…. we’re going to handle so much for you – far more than other agencies will handle at this price level. This is an extremely comprehensive marketing plan, both with initial results (coming from the social media ads and lead generation + email marketing) as well as the new website build, search engine optimization and local search engine optimization.

It’s not just a “lead generation” play – your business is going to change dramatically from every angle and it will only get better with time, as the results stack on top of one another and multiply. I.e. you’ll be compiling a large list of target prospects to whom you can continue to market long into the future, and they’ll be far more likely to find you in Google Search as well.