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SafeSave Payments Gateway Account Set-up & Billing Authorization Application

Choose a Merchant Account with SC Digital and SafeSave

Seamlessly integrate your payment processor with your Website

Process online, in person, recurring, and over the phone

Save time and reduce errors by eliminating manual data entry

Automatically store and organize Automatic Payment Schedules

Receive funds faster than other processors with direct ACH to your bank account

Securely process and store client and charge information

SC Digital is your direct customer service, and can help you use your account in a number of ways

No monthly account fee, no application or setup fees, no annual PCI fees.

In order to activate the Gateway services listed below, you must authorize the automatic withdrawal of the following processing fees from your designated account. This Gateway Account is necessary for integration with your software system. Please provide the following Company, Billing and User Information and sign the application in order for us to quickly process your Merchant Account Application.

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