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Digital Marketing for Estate Planning Lawyers

Digital Marketing for Estate Planning Lawyers


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Digital Marketing for Estate Planning Lawyers

If you run an estate planning law firm, you understand how competitive the industry is. The only way to get to and remain at the top is to employ top-notch digital marketing plans to reach the right audience.

That is where SC Digital comes in. We are a digital marketing powerhouse with an industry-proven digital plan to get the right clients to you. We help set you apart from the other estate planning law firms by highlighting your unique quality of service and gaining the clients’ trust.

Here are some of our marketing experts’ top strategies for estate planning lawyers.

Reputation management

Most prospective clients rely on online reviews and feedback when selecting an estate planning lawyer. Someone will only come to you when they are assured of the quality of your legal services. At SC Digital, we’ll help set up your business to get more reviews that prospective customers can rely on to understand your services.

SC Digital will help you get the most out of your Google my Business, Yelp, and other online review sites. We’ll also guide you to respond to negative or positive reviews.

A high-performing website

SC Digital will help you build a converting website using anecdotes and layman terms to describe your services. Most prospective clients tend to feel intimated when interacting with legal practice. We are all about simplicity and making everything relatable to the site visitors.

SC Digital understands the need for trust when looking for estate planning lawyers. While you might claim to solve several estate planning problems, everyone still needs proof. We creatively display testimonials and badges on your website for social proof.

Our interactive websites are responsive on mobile, desktop, or tablet devices.

Youtube Marketing

Youtube is currently the second-largest search engine. Its massive growth is tied to the internet users embracing video content as it is more engaging and easy to consume. SC Digital will help you tap into the market by guiding you on Youtube content creation and placement.

At the same time, you don’t have to worry about oversharing. Giving away information doesn’t mean clients will become like you in service provision. Instead, it sets you apart as an expert in your practice. SC Digital will help you create video content that provides valuable insights while answering FAQs.

SEO and Paid Search

Most estate planning lawyers are never sure whether to use SEO or paid search to reach clients. While both have pros and cons, you are all about reaching as many people as possible within the shortest duration. This means that paid search is your best bet in the early stages of developing your law practice.

We understand how to create a cost-effective paid search strategy with maximum returns. Our ad strategy involves custom landing pages, conversion optimization, and graphic ads. We also use Geo-modifiers for effective targeting to help effectively manage your budget.

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